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We are a young company, but each of us has worked on our own for almost 10 years. This period allowed us to gain experience both on the domestic and European market. The acquired skills made it possible for us to make sure that it is time for changes.

The company’s inception was the “meeting of buddies” – certified welders who like their profession. The first step was to find the name for the company. A name was chosen as the one which does it best. We wanted it to reflect our beliefs and our qualities. The QRIW Welding Services company was born. The name is consists of four words describing our company.

Quality – this is the word that everyone knows well. In this industry, the quality of workmanship is the pedestal of the further functioning of, for example, the production line or industrial installations. Quality is also an inherent feature that guarantees the safety of the user and the contractor during work.

Reliability (Reliability, reliability) – the goal is to work in such a way that the welds meet the visual, quality and strength standards both – Polish and European.

Imagination – it would seem that this is a feature which people working in marketing and advertising need as well as: actors, painters, animators or writers of fantasy books. But it is equally indispensable in the profession of a welder. The moment when we receive a design or a drawing, our imagination must immediately provide us with all the solutions needed to outline and perform the final product.

Work – there are many meanings of this word to do with our profession.

The first – it is a job that gives us satisfaction and constantly new challenges. Thanks to this work, we collect great amounts of invaluable experience.

The second hidden meaning is the result of our work.

Another, hidden depth of the word is our creativity. We often feel like creators – architects whose building material is metal and the tool is a welding grip. By familiarizing yourself with the photo gallery, you will understand what we mean.


If you are interested in something that is not on the site – call or write – we will prepare an offer especially for you.

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